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"Macchia al Pino"

Among the hills, near the ocean, in full relax..,
you are with us in Pomaia, in Macchia al Pino on the hill, surrounded by greenery and genuine fragrances of the earth and the saline aroma that rises from the Etruscan Coast.
This is the ideal place to spend your holidays in Tuscany allowing you to enjoy the simplicity, beautiful countryside with the view of vineyards and olive groves.
Macchia al Pino offers its guests a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a country house owned and operated by the owners within a large park like atmosphere with a play area for children, solarium swimming pool with telescopic cover that can be used during the cooler days or if it is raining or windy.

Why Pomaia?
Pomaia offers its residents and visitors the peace and quiet, typical of country life, while walking in the woods and fields allows one to have direct contact with nature and with its beautiful colors all year round.

The Village belonging to the municipality of Santa Luce (PI) Pomaia was an ancient parish church of which we have no news since 1071, although the first settlements dates back to the Etruscans.
The country area has recently been rediscovered as a tourist area where you will find the institute
Lama Tsongkhapa, the most important Buddhist center in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.
Also to take note is that, a few miles away, the Oasis LIPU Santa Luce Lake, a nature reserve in which many species of animals are stationed and is therefore a prestigious destination for birdwatchers

Macchia al Pino Immobiliare Srl
Via Macchia al Pino, 1/3 - 56040 - Pomaia (Pi)
P.Iva 01440710497